Crystal Meth Statistics

Crystal Meth Statistics

Crystal meth addiction is not something that should fall in the taboo category and even if it’s shameful to have a loved one addicted or to be yourself one of the victims of this extremely dangerous drug, you should get over it and ask for help right away. When it comes to methamphetamine addiction, every day matters, so the faster you’ll seek for help the better will be. If you know about a friend or family member that he or she consumes this substance for recreational purpose and according to them, they can quit any time, don’t believe a word, because that’s how addiction starts. At the beginning it’s all pink and euphoric, but things will degenerate pretty quickly. This is not like Cannabis! This is a substance that can kill and completely destroy lives.

Statistics on Crystal Meth

Here are some crystal meth statistics which will help you to understand who can become a victim to this drug. First of all we have the weakest links, the categories which are the targeted clients for all the drug dealers.

  • High school students in their final years
  • College students
  • College athletes
  • Women under 25 years old who are single mothers

These social categories are simple to be attracted to this dangerous substance either because the victims of this drug are suffering from depressions or they just want to have a good time and they’re not thinking about the consequences of their actions.

Here is a crystal meth statistic based on the age of the addiction victims. From the total addicts registered by rehab centers and other government programs we have.

  • 6%addicts over 40 years old
  • 13% addicts between 30 and 40 years old
  • 19%addicts between 23 and 30 years old
  • 35%addicts between 18 and 23 years old
  • 24%addicts under 18 years old

As you can see the biggest problem represents the young category and that is because they are so easy to manipulate and they break really quick under the peers pressure.

Another huge reason that convince teens use methamphetamine is the price of this drug. Usually teens are more attracted to weed or Ecstasy drugs that are way more less dangerous that meth, but since teen don’t have access to enough money to maintain their addiction to these less harmful drugs, they choose meth due to it’s low price. That is why the most crystal meth statistics are showing the fact that this drug is more popular in poorer areas of the US.

  • Marijuana$ 10-15 per gram
  • Ecstasy$ 25-30 per tablet
  • Cocaine$ 100-140 per gram
  • Meth$ 5-10 per 1/10 of a gram

Maybe you’ll say that 1/10 of a gram for 10 US dollars is a little pricey for a drug, but remember that this is a very powerful substance and it can have ravishing effects on a young body.

These are just some simple crystal meth statistics which are meant to make you understand both the danger of methamphetamine and how to know if the loved ones are using this drug. If you discover by any chance that one of your friends or your kids are using it, don’t get mad at him. In fact try to act as kindly as possible with that person and make him or her understand that you only want to help.